August 6, 2013 No Comments admin Damon La Porte Law

“It has been very gratifying to have Attorney Damon La Porte as my attorney in a recent case now closed, that earlier, was fraught with many seeming impasses and pushbacks, he was excellent at circumnavigating beyond, and to a successful outcome.

I believe that this success was the result of Attorney La Porte’s relentless perseverance and excellent counsel which proved to me to be unfailingly accurate at every turn in my case.”

“I would recommend Attorney La Porte to anyone who needs litigation to be handled in the manner we would all like any legal matter to be handled; his practice is unfailingly hallmarked with honesty, sincerity, timeliness, competence and compassion.

I would always be glad to give Attorney La Porte repeat business, should his legal services be needed again.”

– Frances